Auf dem Holzweg
Mendlingbachklause mit Triftsee
funktionstüchtige Holztriftanlage

Welcome to Mendling Valley

It was – and is – the power of water which has shaped the countryside around Göstling, our economy and our culture for centuries: cool water moulded the mountains, valleys and gorges, made the wood grow that is essential for steel processing, powered the wheels of mills and hammer mills – and enabled the transport of felled trunks to coaling stations and steelworks. of mills and hammer mills – and enabled the transport of felled trunks to coaling stations and steelworks.

Let yourself be led into another world:

Dive into the wonderful world at the water, enjoy the clear air at the brook, wade through one of the ponds and enjoy the fresh green at the shore. In this way you do the same as our ancestors. They created masterpieces of technology out of silent observation and sensual experience: Hammer mills, drifting plants and cloisters, mills, paths through the wilderness and the almost 200-kilometer-long Vienna High Spring Water Pipeline, whose aqueducts blend harmoniously into the natural landscape.


Niederösterreich Card:

You are welcome to use the Niederösterreich Card for a free entrance to the Mendlingtal or buy it from us or have it extended.

9 Plätze 9 Schätze - Mendlingtal: Sieger in Niederösterreich
On the wooden path
Auf dem Holzweg im Mendlingtal bei Göstling-HochkarAuf dem Holzweg im Mendlingtal bei Göstling-HochkarAuf dem Holzweg im Mendlingtal bei Göstling-Hochkar

On the wooden path

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Drift show
Schautriftvorführung im MendlingtalSchautriftvorführung im MendlingtalSchautriftvorführung im Mendlingtal

Drift show

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More highlights
Bereich Kassa 1 im MendlingtalBereich Kassa 1 im MendlingtalBereich Kassa 1 im Mendlingtal

More highlights

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On the wooden path

The 3.5 kilometer long theme trail starts at the village pond in Lassing and is an easy route for the whole family. At the beginning, the route has occasional steps which are secured by footbridges and many wooden bridges.

Next to cash desk 1, you can get a first-hand impression of the old blacksmith’s house with its original smoke kitchen and, on the opposite side, watch a photo exhibition documenting the life conditions of blacksmiths and lumberjacks. In this area, you also get to see a functioning Venetian board saw and a forge.

You can behold the spectacular drift plant in the first of the three bizarrely washed-out gorges. In the small valley basin between the gorge sections, you will be surprised by a true natural paradise: above meandering streams, green alluvial forests form a splendid wilderness.

The reconstructed pass of the Mendling stream dams up a small lake providing the backwater for wood drift. You then encounter a large well with a fully functioning mill from the past century.

Finally, you arrive at a manor house in a former lumberjack settlement, where you can enjoy tasty regional specialties after hiking. Next to the restaurant there is a children’s playground .

From the tour’s endpoint in Hof, you can walk back through the valley or call the “Mendling Valley Cab”.
If you wish to follow the course of the water, you can alternatively start your route at the manor house (cash desk 2).

Walking time through Mendling Valley

The walking time is about 2 hours for a distance of 3.5 km. The route leads over many steps and bridges and is therefore not suited for prams and wheelchairs.

Culinary around the valley

For our young guests


  • Activity programme & sausage meal


  • Games & fun in the footsteps of Ferraculus
  • Every Tuesday in July and August at 10 a.m.
  • Extra charge € 3,-

We are happy to provide further information:| Tourismusregion Ybbstaler Alpen: +43 (0) 7484 / 930 49

From 1 May to 31 October open daily from 9:00 to 17:00

Puplic drift shows

Every 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday
from May to October

Meeting point: 1:30 p.m. at Klaushütte Mill operating from 10:00 a.m. and board saw from 1:00 p.m.

On these days the mill is open from 10:00 a.m. and
the Venetian board saw will be in operation from 1:00 p.m..

No registration required

Wilde Wunder Card 2017
Wilde Wunder Card
Entrance fees
Adults € 10,00
Seniors € 9,00
Youth € 7,00
Children under 15 years € 4,50
Family ticket (parents and children under 15) € 24,50
Dog € 1,50
Groups of 15 or more people
Adults € 8,50
Seniors € 7,50
Youth € 6,50
Students under 19 years € 4,00
Travel guide is free more than 25 persons
Niederösterreich Card 2017
Niederösterreich Card


Guided tours, drift-, mill- and saw shows can be booked at the Ybbstal Alps tourism region: | +43 (0) 7484 / 930 49 |